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Lash Perfect Russian Varia uses a multi-lash layering technique with all of the benefits of Russian layering. The difference is Varia offers a softer, lighter look with graduated different length lashes in a variety of sizes, delivering a high impact, scattered length look with a dark lash line.

Lash Perfect Russian Varia is soft, fluffy but less intense than classic Russian creating a natural look.



Lash Perfect - Eyelash Extension

Premium eyelash extensions adhered one-on-one to each natural lash and lasting as long as your natural lash

Lash Perfect Multi lash Techniques

Russian Layering Technique

Layer up the volume with this advanced technique that involves attaching ultra-fine lashes onto each eyelash

Hi Brow Treatment

A complete salon service to shape, colour and style your brows

LoLa Designer Brows

LoLa Brows specially mixed gel builds the brow into a perfect shape that lasts 2-3 weeks


Professional eye treatments designed to correct the signs of ageing and transform the way skin should look and react, without invasive methods or down-time. A course of 3 treatments is recommended.


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